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Statutory Notice Work

At Apex we are happy to advise, quote, and report on any statutory notice or common repair outline your communal building has been issued with. We have a lot of experience of statutory notice work and fully understand the delicacy required in dealing with them because more often than not the tenants of the building in question are unable to reach an agreement whether it be a dispute over price, selected contractor, or question of works necessary.

Key Advice

We feel it is our responsibility to stress at this stage to any persons involved in locating a suitable contractor for the job that if a statutory notice has been issued on your building and an agreement cannot be mutually agreed imminently then your local authority reserve the right to take ownership of the defects and appoint a suitable contractor via their own approved contractors.

This is renowned for being significantly more expensive mainly due to the fact there is a local authority administration percentage built into the cost. We would be happy to intervene before this progression arises to manage and quote for the works required. If you have a statutory notice reference number we can and are happy to do the rest and take the stress out of the situation for you at a competitive rate.