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Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Apex Roofing has a small squad of tradesmen in place completely dedicated to the smaller repairs your roof may require, be it a small leak that has become evident through visible water ingress internally, or the more serious issue of storm damage which may have caused untold damage through fierce typical Scottish weather.

In the latter of these two potential problems, Apex is renowned for quick response times 24/7 with the necessary emergency repair materials to get you back temporarily wind and watertight again until such times as an assessment of the roof can be carried out and you can be made aware of the likely cost of the remedial works required to get your roof back wind and watertight again on a more permanent basis.

Periodic Maintenance Work

Periodic maintenance work is, in our opinion, required on most types of roofs to increase the potential life span of the roof. Just like with most other things which work for us in or around our properties, we must maintain them in order for us to get optimum performance in one respect or the other.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you feel concerned about the condition of your roof no matter how small your problem may be, that’s what we’re here for.