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Flat Roofing Services

The ever-increasing and diverse range of flat roof coverings on the market today are laid by Apex should it be a single-ply system or a more traditional 3 layer built-up felting system. Materials used today are becoming more and more resilient to the elements and therefore ‘last the test of time’ as they say, providing the materials used are of premium quality.

Flat Roof Specialists

We would always opt to use the best materials on the market at the time of works commencing even if the price reflects this as its money well spent in our experienced opinion, however, if you are working to a budget or for any other reason want to use a different type from the premium brands then we will be happy to go ahead with your decision and make you aware of all the alternatives as well as the pros and cons at the time of quotation.
At the time of completion of your felt roof, you will be provided with a minimum of a 15-year guarantee on completion of a complete renewal.