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Contract Management

From the start of any contract be it a small repair or a major overhaul including complete extensive renewals you can rest assured the apex team assigned to the tasks shall work with the same level of professionalism and preparation based on that specific contract’s own merits.

This means the preparation and approach to work shall include all the relevant and compliant health and safety precautions along with ‘contract specific’ method statements and risk assessments where relevant.

On larger contracts (lasting more than 1 week) we would submit to the client contract updates including progress reports and revised deadlines in order to keep the client up to date with the situation and performance.

We would always strive to meet the proposed deadlines and more often than not, do just that, with the exception of adverse weather we typically find no issues related to ‘on site’ performance.

In the event of unexpected adverse weather, the team would work in tandem to ensure the roof is wind and watertight until favoured weather has resumed. We aim to deliver on the assurances we have provided and as a result believe we offer a premium service to you, the client, on every count.